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Elegantly said, the truth is no longer compatible with the US oligarchy, hasn’t been for a while truly

This company and it's engineers truly thought this through! From the composite frame being 6x stronger than steel which is the cars cooling system that'll never rust, to full blown right to repair allowing 80% of all repairs to be handled with allen wrenchs plus QR codes providing instructions, to the minimal charging required thanks its solar power. The thing is even affordable but also the most aerodynamic consumer vertical ever produced. Soo cool to see!

"Suing the big oil companies like we did the tobacco companies is a good start, but we need more to get our climate-destroying emissions under control. And the industry is doing everything they can to make sure we never hold them accountable. Taxpayers for Common Sense documents how the industry fielded over 700 lobbyists just last year, spending almost $120 million to buy legislators across Washington, DC."

"Climate justice voices are united in knowing this foot-dragging has to stop. It's time for a new chapter, focused on implementing the solutions we already know will work—many of which have been developed in the very communities that have been most impacted by climate change. I call it a new era of IRON will—of implementation, resolve, opportunity, and new approaches."

For sure, my coffee stays black 95%+ of the time but change is the spice of life. Nonetheless, you highlight a solid point regarding the consumption of coffee. Being soo prominent world wide must make it detrimental environmentally.

I feel it, I drink milk seldomly but oat works when I crave some cereal or want to lighten up my coffee every now and again. Soy is a solid choice though as well, pretty even with oat when it comes to global impact!

Oat has quite a pleasant taste, works well in coffee plus a much smaller environmental impact seems like the logical choice.