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That’s a good point, but it may cost a similar amount to build a pipeline to China. The fossil fuel fields are about equidistant between the borders with Europe and China. That still leaves a traversal through China, but that would be over land instead of expensive underwater construction.

Yeah, that’s why I see that as more of a long term shift. Russia shares a land border with China that it can build a pipeline to.

Those are the statistics for energy in general, not just electricity generation. Note how petroleum is a major component of the mix.

Short term, no because it’s hard to migrate from. Longer term, probably yes in Europe. Shipping in LNG is expensive and I really doubt there are many European leaders who want to return to such a high reliance on Russian fossil fuel.

It sounds like China may start buying up that natural gas instead. I only see this as a plus, given that China still gets 2/3 of its electricity from coal. While sources like nuclear and renewables would be ideal, anything that gets them off coal is at least an improvement.

Not Milk is my favorite, followed closely by soy. Oat tastes good but has a thin mouth feel.