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Amino acid
Advise a resource (link) where I can see the nutritional value, but specifically** I need to know the amount of each amino acids** in each of them, of course, vegetable products.

Vegetarianism is a nutritional protocol. If we assume that you are sick, overweight or have other health problems. Further (but this is for my personal understanding): How can vegetarians consume eggs and milk based products, and have their various forms (lacto, ovo, lacto-ovo)? For example, if someone tells me that he consumes cheese and, for example, eggs, being a vegetarian, it will become very funny to me! I myself am** ready to be a vegetarian on such products.** And in general, I see sacrifice when people adopt the religion of veganism … because they will miss the fried piece of steak, with barbecue sauce (and here again there is an interesting thing, the meat itself is essentially tasteless like tofu, in order to feel it you need ingredients - spices.